Client: US-based process manufacturer.

Engagement: Define the business needs for a new enterprise system to allow the corporation to grow; down-select to finalist systems.

Feedback: Results Associates LLC did an excellent job on this project. Their wealth of experience allowed us to move quickly through the milestones and meet expectations. The consultant has a no-nonsense style and calls things like he sees them, which is an attitude I value highly in this type of project. I was very happy with the work done by Results Associates LLC and recommend them to others looking for business plans/business strategy work.

Client: International Professional Services Firm

Engagement: Strategic planning for a new subsidiary to manage a new offering.

Feedback: Excellent provider and an asset to our firm. I enjoyed working with Bill and learned a lot from him. If you want to hire a real pro, he is the best choice for strategic planning.

Client: Foreign.-based Professional Services Firm

Engagement: Help the firm expand its portfolio to include business consulting services.

Feedback: Bill has been outstanding to work with. He demonstrated excellent reasoning and analytical skills, a very comprehensive understanding of international business and how best to success in the new global marketplace and a broad knowledge of all business functions. He was able to identify the critical issues very quickly and make time on a small assignment. Bill has been able to have a significant impact on my business. Bill is very responsive and he has great communication skills so it is very very easy to work with him. I would recommend Bill to anyone looking for a true partner for their business.

Client: International Book Publisher

Engagement: Help the publisher establish an international book distributorship program.

Feedback: Bill was great to work with. He went above & beyond what we hired him for & taught us a lot about how to develop a distributorship program. Thanks Bill.

Client: U.S.-based Broker of High-Value Items

Engagement: Business planning to add a brick-and-mortar broader services capability to a successful internet-based business.
Feedback: We were very pleased with the services Mr. Heath provided from start to finish. He delivered on everything he promised, as he promised and the end result has been very positive for us. We would use his services again.

Client: U.S.-based inventor

Engagement: Help the U.S.-based inventor find alternative applications for his patented technology.

Feedback: Top level business advisor. Extremely knowledgeable in many areas.

Client: U.S.-based Business Software Publisher

Engagement: Help the publisher move his products from static data management toward a fuzzy-logic expert system.

Feedback: Knowledgeable, top-notch consultant with timely delivery. What more could you want…

Client: Global E-commerce Firm

Engagement: Develop the business model, operations model and business strategy for a new global e-commerce firm.

Feedback: Mr. Heath has great professionalism and business ethic. I had very much enjoyed with his consultation.

Client: International Professional Services Firm

Engagement: Business strategy to diversify revenue stream.

Feedback: I carry the two-page strategic plan with me 24 hours a day.

Non-US Project Management Company: Results Associates provided excellent research. They were very quick, responsive and flexible. I highly recommend Results Associates.

US-based Import Company: Intelligent, professional and experienced… just what we need! Bill Heath & Results Associates LLC is simply the best!

US-Based Health Care Company: Bill is a gentleman who has talents that needs to be utilized by business professionals. I highly recommend using his services.

US-Based Small Business Incubator: Extremely satisfied with Bill and company. He filled an extremely important, hard-to-find expertise niche. He also knew exactly what I was looking for without the need for me to describe requirements in great detail – a true sign of an expert. I’m working with Bill’s company on several other projects. They are very flexible, talented and have done great work on all projects. Communication is top notch and, above all, I really enjoy working with them and trust them with my projects. Will definitely continue to work with Bill

Non-US Advertising Agency: Results Associates LLC was professional and adaptable even when the scope slightly changed. They added value to the process with knowledge and experience and didn’t watch the clock rather, was generous with time. Would use again for similar project.

US-Based Tour Operator: Asking the right questions – professional planning – professional communication – delivering as agreed upon and on schedule In all, a job very well done.

US-Based Private Club: Terri is an absolute pleasure to work with and a true professional. Takes the time to properly understand the project and execution is spot on. I will definitely be working with Terri again.